Monday, April 12, 2010

My Conversation with Liz

I just had a long converstion with Liz, she was a wealth of information. She said at the airport, in Zagreb, just go out to the taxi stand and ask for someone that speaks English, then tell the driver to take you to the Hotel Dubrovnik and if he carries in your bags you will pay him at the concierge desk. It will probably be about $30. At the concierge dest they have a daily exchange rate with no service charge so it is a good time to exchange for Kunars. While in Zegreb there are 3 "must do's" Lovely and facinating History of Croatia from the dawn of time at the Zagreb City Museam Market, Millenium Gelato and most importantly the market. She said if you want to buy souveniers, the Zegreb Market is the place to do it. It is much cheaper the Dubrovnik with be as it is not a touristy, the market is more for the people that live there. So if you want carved wooded toys or an embroidered table cloth this is a the place to buy it.
and I did get the travel insurance.

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