Saturday, June 26, 2010

Canoeing Trebižat River

We spent one night in Bosnia/Herzegovina; swam in a river behind our hotel and then canoed the next morning on the Trebižat River. All photos here.


Dubrovnik Tour

Or as we affectionately call it “D’ Town.” Old city founded in the 7th Century. It’s one of the best preserved walled cities in the world. We took a walking tour on top of the wall which surrounds the city.

Watch Marko’s legs as they become “El Busto.” Listen to Barbara and Bill’s annoying morning church bells. More photos here.

‘Most’ Pashas Ever Seen On A Bridge

P1120627I can’t prove it, but this appears to be the “most” Pashas ever seen on a bridge in Mostar.


“Pasha  (Turkish was a high rank in the Ottoman Empire political system, typically granted to governors, generals and dignitaries. As an honorary title, Pasha, in one of its various ranks, is equivalent to the British title of Lord…”



Friday, June 25, 2010

Wanna Buy An Island In Croatia?

Look at this one. Only 500 meters from Dubrovnik. Has its own ruins. About 14 acres.  More here.

Daksa island

  • House in need of some repair 250 sq.m.
  • Old ruins of monastery

  • Could be a botanical garden for an enthusiast
  • GSM telephone coverage
  • Stone shore
  • Unique island opportunity in Europe.
  • Price EURO 4 million.

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    Hamming It Up In Croatia

    We visited Krka park with lots of waterfalls and had about a 3 hour tour on a boat.

    Whatever Happened To Rocky & Bullwinkle?

    We thought we saw them in a cave in Croatia.

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    Traditional Croatian Costumes

    P1120236When Barb & I visited the Croatian museum in Split, we saw these beautiful traditional costumes. Then we asked to try them on and voila!, here’s what we look like all dressed up.



    Us in customes

    Eating Cuttle Fish

    IMG_0045Not only is the cuttle fish good eating, it makes for good art and really sticks to your ribs lips.




    Swinging On The Adriatic

    What to do when you find a rope swing over the sea? Watch and learn.

    Borna’s New Boat?

    rei boat

    I just found this photo I took when we were in Trogir. It was only when I got home and was able to zoom in on the boat, that I noticed it is an REI boat. Is this Borna’s new boat? Maybe the next time we visit, we can use this boat for an evening cruise.

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    Cycling In Croatia

    Here’s a slideshow of biking near Korana Village and then swimming in the river there.

    Photos Of Croatia Trip

    Here are most of my photos of our trip.

    Paklenica Park hiking

    Croatia River Kayaking; Zrmanja and Krupa River

    Vrgada Island sea kayaking.

    Tour of Split and hike in the countryside.

    All of Lisa’s photos of our trip.

    Krka Park photos.

    Bosnia’s Trebižat River Canoeing photos.

    I have about 200 more photos to sort thru and will post them later.